Eric Fei Guan's Gallery

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Eric Fei Guan

Eric Fei Guan is now a member of the association Oil Painters of America, a member of Portrait Society of America, and a member of California Arts Club, and he lives and works in Los Angeles. His works have participated in important exhibitions in the United States many times and have been collected by many art institutions and enterprises in the United States.

Eric Fei Guan's Art View: As a creative method, sketching has undoubtedly become a creative source for artists to learn from, borrow from and absorb nature. I see it as going to nature to pick wild fruits and bring them back to the studio, that is, in the laboratory, to sort them for testing, debugging, and genetic modification. Sketching and creation are always integrated, that is, without losing the intense concentration and observation stirred up by the sketching process, which gives rise to the rich and vivid expression, objectively and rationally carries the artist's conception and creative ideas in the course of art history, and also reflects the spiritual values of an era. Whether you are focusing on classical and realistic works, or modern and realistic works, as long as the process of creation can make you feel heartfelt, this is the driving force of art.

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