Mian Situ: The Impact of Realistic Painting

End of the Day, Chinese Camp, California, 1850

Will realistic painting still have the powerful influence it once had? I hope it still has.However, the fact is that that era has passed, and we have entered an era of pluralism.But that doesn't mean that some people in realistic portraits have died as sentenced.If you have a great ambition to make history, the role of realistic painter doesn't seem to suit you.However, realistic art still has a broad audience. People who collect realistic art in the United States are out of love for the aesthetic value of the work itself, rather than focusing on its return on investment.The market price of contemporary realistic art is far from that of contemporary art. I am only concerned about whether my own market return is enough for me to continue to do what I like.To put it in a popular way, I only see it as a way of life.

Quiet Time 36inch x 30inch

Time was changing, and it was impossible to resist change. Everyone was willing or unwilling to be carried forward by change. I found myself an unwillingness. Ironically, my life trajectory has changed more than those of those who desire to change. I find that I miss the old times and things too much. I tried my best to keep up with the times in those years, but the times I lived in changed so fast that I often felt I couldn't do it. As an artist, the pressure is that if you don't change, you will be the edge of the art, which once made me feel pressure. Then I began to slowly adapt to this kind of pressure and no longer feel any pressure.

Pacific Breeze,Point Lobos State Reserve 24inch x 36inch

We often say that we should not forget our original intention. My original intention is not to be an artist. I just saw some paintings that moved me very much. I hoped that one day I could draw like those painters, and then I knew that the person who did such a thing like me was called an artist. Then I heard that many people in China said that a painting like me could no longer be considered an artist. Since the era of modern art, art had become a very troublesome definition. Since there were so many artists and theories who had been trying to find an answer but had not come to a conclusion, there was no need for me to worry about it. Most painters use their vision to perceive the world. Their forms, colors, lights and figures can move us. In fact, other painters would be moved like this. Painters were just more sensitive.

Point Alones Fishing Village, Monterey California, 1875 48inch x 72inch

I find that many Chinese artists are used to standing at the height of the world to observe the trend of art. Maybe it's a good habit, but I'm sure I'm not such an artist. I think I'm like a drop of water in a big river. The riverbed is changing my direction and speed, and it's still determining where I will join other currents. In fact, I have few choices, let alone have any impact on the tide. I tried harder to slow down so that I could appreciate more scenery along the way.

Chinese Family Laundry, 1880 36inch x 54inch