Mian Situ: Artistic Criticism and Artistic Style

The Game 26x32inch

Art criticism, even when directed at specific works of art, strikes me as not having much to do with the artwork itself. These comments may be just another work inspired by this work of art. The point I am trying to make is that if you are a student of painting, you don't have to spend time reading those reviews, they won't teach you how to paint.

The Intruder, Angel's Camp, California, 1849 44x72inch

The ornate sentences, the elaborate words, the concepts that leave the layman unaware of what they mean, and the terms that must be studied in specialized courses to be understood, have little significance for realistic painters. Although theory also has the role of guiding practice, it is more fundamental that theory is later than practice. Nowadays, many Chinese painters talk like professional theorists, which is understandable. However, the persuasion of realistic paintings lies in itself, rather than relying on the support of theory.

The Intruder, Angel's Camp, California, 1849 44inch x 72inch

Art is an expression, and artists express themselves through the medium of art. Historically, there have been different ways of expression, some flamboyant, some moderate, and with different audiences. This is the reason for the formation of artistic style. After hundreds of years of historical development, the possibilities of style evolution have almost all been explored, and it is very difficult to appear a completely different style from the existing one. However, the different times and the different personal experience of the painters will always mark the individuality of their works.

Street Merchants of Chinatown, S.F., 1904 48x72inch

Some people pursue a radical change, just as many prefer a refined taste based on tradition. So far, even the best camera cannot replace the status of painting. Painting is a unique way for painters to watch the world. The formation of the artist's viewing style includes his long-term professional training, his aesthetic orientation related to his personal life experience, and his attitude and emotion to the things he is trying to express, etc. Sometimes a small difference has extraordinary significance. It's a bit like an athlete breaking a world record. All it takes is a few tenths of a second.

The Heiress' Closet / 76.2cmx76.2cm