Xu Gang: Soliloquy

Early Spring (Oil on linen) 60x80cm 2021

Creating beautiful artworks is a painter’s mission in life. What a painter chooses to depict depends on what captures his/her heart. As for myself, I love wandering in nature, observing bits and pieces of daily life, searching for the scenes that speak to me. My goal is to create artworks that will convey the beauty that touches me and therefore continue the conversation with my audience. The ancient Chinese sage, Lao Tzu, says in his Tao Te Ching: “People follow earth, earth follows heaven, heaven follows the Way, the Way follows what is. ”The Way, “all pervading, ever-moving,” being the law of nature for all development, acts as the mother of all things. When it comes to art, the Way is to be rooted in nature—learn from nature and distill from nature. To me, the highest beauty of art lies in the harmony of man and nature. Landscape painting requires the painter to be totally immersed in nature, carefully observing the myriad of subtle changes in lighting and coloring. The same scene, under different lighting or in different weather, can convey different ambiance or sentiment. The painter needs to keep the first impression of a scene’s totality fresh in his mind, hold it dear, so as to recreate vividly its original beauty and character. A still scene, once imbued with the changing light and floating air, will gain its own vitality and charm. Time will not dull it; viewers will continue to be delighted.

Flower fields in San Diego (Oil on canvas) 24x30 Inch 2016

The value of an artwork is not decided by its art form, but lies in its inner core of spirituality and aesthetics. The meaning of life for me is to create and spread beauty with art.Life is short. Only by dedicating myself to art, with authenticity and diligence, can I repay the favor of life. I hope by sharing my art, with honesty and simplicity, I will capture and convey the inner peace and vigor nature inspires in me.

(Oil on linen) 60x81cm 2020
Flower fields (Oil on canvas ) 24x30 Inch 2016
Flower fields (Oil on canvas) 24x30 Inch 2017
Poppy Fields (Oil on canvas) 24x30 Inch 2020
Garden in Paris (Oil on linen) 60×73cm 2004
Flower fields in Tuochuan (Oil on linen) 54×73CM 2009
Lake Mission Viejo (Oil on canvas) 22x28 Inch 2015
Laguna Beach Scenery (Oil on linen) 22x28 Inch 2016
Laguna Coast (Oil on linen) 24x36 Inch 2017
Flower fields in Xuzhou Hanwang (Oil on linen) 65×80cm 2018
Orychophragmus violaceus (Oil on linen) 73x60cm 2019
17-miles (Oil on Canvas Board)16x20 Inch 2014
Warm Spring (Oil on canvas) 60x80cm 2020
Spring Scenery in Zhaji Village (Oil on linen) 54×73cm 2011
The Road to Mountain Village (Oil onlinen) 54×73cm 2011
Cottages by the running creek (Oil on canvas) 60x73cm 2018